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2010-10-16 22:05:36 by MormoMaker

I am DCMB, just moving accounts.


2010-05-26 23:18:51 by MormoMaker

I am composing a six-part music epic based on the zombification apocalyptical process. My brother is a writer with experience.
Sounds awesome?


2009-07-16 12:12:53 by MormoMaker

thanks to all who voted fairly on my songs!

fell like i should make a post. i started making pivot animtions, home site is at

please join, small community, oh well... well i am trying to find a way to turn gifs into swfs, if anyone knows how to do that for free no limitations ,leave a link in the comment box pl0x!

my vid

2008-03-24 13:11:00 by MormoMaker

you know what, im justy gonna upload it newgrounds


2008-03-23 21:33:14 by MormoMaker

i just got my own video on youtube, check it out! b690


2008-03-15 20:54:48 by MormoMaker

I got pivot... thats as good right? well, been working on pivot animations and they turned out pretty good! i probalpy buy a usb guitar make songs put them in games getpaid and then buy flash


2008-01-21 15:53:00 by MormoMaker

er... just a got a new primus CD, pork soda... i really need flashso i can make my own vids... or at least get in a collab..